Digital Signage

Put your clients in the picture with Navaho electronic notice boards. Flexible media presentation solutions that displays data, images, videos, and web-based content on almost any type of display device.

Digital Signage Players

MediaCAT Digital Signage players are available in a number of different hardware formats to cater for different applications. The different models which are available include:

  • Desktop/Wall Mount players for internal use.

  • Integrated players built into screens and kiosks ranging from 10″ to 42″.

  • Automotive players designed for use on buses, trains and ferries.

  • OEM/Custom players for integration into customers projects.

  • Spec Sheets download MediaCAT Specifications.

Display Screens, Kiosk & Touch

The MediaCAT Digital Signage player is able to work with a wide range of display technologies and Navaho is able to advise upon and source the screens which are most suitable for your application. More information about the different screen types and technologies which are suited to Digital Signage applications can be found in the links below.

  • LCD Screens including wall mount, free-standing, open frame and with player integrated.
  • Kiosk / Touch Screens in free-standing and wall mounted formats.
  • Shelf Edge screens for eye-catching Point of Sale retail advertising.
  • Stretch Screens, long thin screens for mounting on narrow pillars or above doors.
  • Light Box solutions for replacing traditional static light boxes with digital signage.

Optional Hardware

MediaCAT is able to use a number of optional hardware devices to provide extra features which are not supported as standard. These include facilities such as Digital TV (Freeview), video capture and GPS positioning.

  • Freeview/Digital TV receivers can be used to add live TV to digital signage displays.
  • GPS receivers allow for location based advertising and geo-services (next stop) in automotive applications.
  • User input devices, eg. motion sensors or buttons, allow the MediaCAT display to react to the outside world.
  • Video Capture devices allow live camera pictures or output from CCTV/satellite systems to be shown

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